• MarchBox is a global matching site to begin selling the hidden excellent brand of Japan to the world. WORLD JAPAN WORLD FIRSTABOUT
  • Seller Registration is Free! MarchBox is a service that supports the international market expansion of Japanese companies. Products “JAPAN brand” is intended, service <Made in Japan products and services> <developed in Japan, to produce abroad, the quality of said Japan Quality products> is. JAPANSELLER
  • Buyer Registration is Free! Matchbox is a service that introduces the Japan of products quality is excellent higher for overseas buyers companies, to support the transaction. In the past that was never known to the world, please by all means take advantage of an optimal matching site for an excellent JAPAN brand is out selling to the world MatchBox.BUYER


"Concierge service" has been begun.
Traditional experience classroom of arts and crafts 2015
About reading in Chinese.
It was taken up by "News Real" of a TV program.
MatchBox was published in the Sankei Shimbun.

Companies like success to ship to Japan brand overseas.
Companies like that was successful purchases Japanese brand in the world.
Here is the reason for the satisfaction of the company like I was choosing the Matchbox.

3reasonsMarchBox is selected.Global matching site match box that begins selling the hidden excellent brand of Japan to the world.
1 Because it is the world's first matching service
that was limited to Japanese products
"JAPAN brand" is selected.
2 Rich have the overseas logistics know-how,
Seiwa has operations in global perspective Logitem are chosen it because it is the site for the purpose of Japanese companies support to produce.
3 Overseas business development in its
own support services are chosen it because it is entirely possible backup even in weak companies.


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