What is MatchBox?

Do not try to spread in the world


Japan products are required from all over the world.
Do not you looking for a supplier of Japanese products in MatchBox?
MatchBox of Made in Japan products.This is the site for spread abroad.
Meeting in Japan domestic companies and foreign buyers
The service of "Expo-International Trade Fair"
I will be available on the Internet site.

Three reasons buyers choose a MatchBox

1I can quality of Made in Japan looks.

"Made in Japan" in both the quality and specificity, and perhaps the very important and valuable brand for overseas buyers. MatchBox as Made in Japan professional matching site, in order to deliver the best of Japanese products, high motivated, also carefully selected the people of the cellar to create the unreleased products abroad, we have the introduction of commodity. Made in Japan can be re-confirmed the brand power of, it offers literally in attractive location of buyer everyone just called a "Expo-International Trade Fair" on the WEB.

2Available in the registration fee 0 yen.

Unlike general matching site, buyer registration fee of MatchBox has become completely free. But at least to challenge even overseas business at risk, it should be considered cost I want to keep as much as possible and to be applied to the matching site. So that the Matchbox free any registration fees in, it offers a more feel free to environment that you can try to overseas business.

3You realize a safe and secure transactions.

For MatchBox is a professional matching site of Made in Japan, none commodity quality that are currently registered high, is that it is one that all products can be introduce with confidence has become a major premise. In addition, since basically "What you can sell unreleased products abroad" has become a condition of the cellar, it can be said that goods force have received fairly high. In addition, that Matchbox staff with extensive trading experience and knowledge is always the support also, has become a major reason that is supported in everyone of buyers.

Voice of available bidder

Suppliers was spread at once with Made In Japan.

Although we have continued to work as a buyer for overseas, also have a place called as soon as most luck is the meet to "good products", it had been forced to stand in painful aspects in terms of go has continued. However, those that from registering to MatchBox, of Any product that you to provide me with "Made in Japan", yet only very "interesting things uncommon", did not have this much breast dance matching site for buyers. The Made in Japan in weapons now, we can one after another, develop suppliers.

Reliable everyone of staff as an advisor.

A crucial difference of MatchBox's and mere matching site, I think advice force of the people of the staff. Lot of experience and data far than his are the buyers, and has a knowledge, I was able to get a "connoisseur" and suppliers of development methods, such as, rich advice of goods. There is also a place that it can be rest assured that because commodity that people of such staff to introduce. With confidence, we can say that the recommended site than others.

Was not likely service there that free registration.

Buyer of registration fee that had been seems almost commonplace in matching site, to a place called what can be at 0 yen in Matchbox, First of all I felt the charm. Do not start anything unless the meantime look at the goods. Of that registration fee is generated at that time it would be very troublesome. MatchBox is willing to understand the feelings of such a buyer, I think very conscientious site.

Terms of Use of Service


Registration conditions of the buyer

  • That it is a foreign company or sole proprietorship.
  • That it has to qualify for sale.
    (In the case of qualification is required products)

* The use of the service, you must have the following terms a+nd conditions.

Contract terms

Member registration fee

Costs related to registration is absolutely free.
For negotiation rights of the seller dealing with goods, 1 point (216 yen) is required.
Settlement method

Paypal is generated by the credit settlement.
Please prepare the (corporate name in the case of corporations) credit card.