Is it possible to procure goods from overseas?
MatchBox is a website which deals internationally, so procurement can be made by overseas companies. However, it must be noted that there is no Japanese language support for procurement.
Are there restrictions to what merchandise can be handled?
Goods which are prohibited or restricted due to laws or treaties cannot be displayed or sold. In addition, some financial services, pornographic services, stocks and bonds etc. may not be handled. Please contact us for more information.
Do I need to prepare specialist staff on my own?
If articles regarding Japanese products/services can be provided; optional services such as agents for website registration or translation are available.
Are there any preparations regarding equipment etc. required beforehand?
An internet connection is required. As dealings will be made via email, fundamental knowledge of computer operation and email is required.
What kind of service is MatchBox?
MatchBox is a service which helps Japanese domestic businesses or the self-employed to easily and conveniently carry out market-development activities in overseas markets.