Seiwa Logitem Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to our company), you might want to handle the personal information in its business operations. Among the advanced information communication society, at our company and we recognize the importance of protecting personal information, and we have built a personal information protection management system. We are in compliance with the Act on the Protection, as businesses that handle personal information has established the following policy, personal information is used in an appropriate environment, we would like to strive to protect personal information.

1.Definition of personal information
Personal information is defined as information (specific information which can distinguish individuals, such as name, date of birth etc.) related to living individuals as defined in Article 2, paragraph 1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, as well as other personal information which can be connected to specific individuals, such as email address, user ID, passwords, credit card details, and age.
2.Restrictions regarding the specific purpose of use of or changes in use of personal information
Our company uses personal email addresses for issuing mail magazines and other related duties. In addition, it is assumed that consent is given in the case of changes to the purpose of use.
3.Ensuring the accuracy of personal information
Personal information handled by our company is assumed to be up-to-date and accurate, and thorough information management is ensured by the General Affairs Department.