What is MatchBox?



It is a business-matching site for going to expand the products and brands of the main Japan to the world.
This site is Japanese manufacturers, local industry manufacturers, such as traditional crafters.
It is a site that was launched with the aim of supporting the overseas sales.
Gathered in Japan of domestic companies (less than cellar) and overseas sales companies (less than buyers) is the site of,
It is a service for trading in company with each other.
Site and corporate business matching site that precedes, but service exists,
Matchbox features is that you have limited the goods to be registered to introduce products in Japan.
It is the concept of Matchbox to go spread the excellent Japan brand to the world.
It is possible to go spread the Japan brand abroad,
Able to support the Japanese companies struggle to occluded economic situation is we believe it is mission.
Power of the circle as a pass does not wane.
That the ups and downs of the Japanese economy is also affecting the world economy is a well-known fact.
Matchbox through that go are disseminating a product of Japan to overseas,
The aim is to support Japan's economic development, even a little,
Also, not only domestic companies asked to participate
We will continue to operate in the intended to support the corporate clients of the development of overseas.

3 reasons MatchBox is selected


Japan's first product
"Japan Brand" limited site world.

Japanese products limited is a world first. Only the only Matchbox it is to handle Japan Brand hugely confidence in its quality. You say that the very chance of large sites for buyers because further that many of the products are not sold abroad.


Overseas logistics know-how rich
Seiwa Logitem produced.

Logistics know-how also rich Seiwa Logitem in Japan not only overseas.
It is a service that is produced to.


Strongly and business support for the commodity
overseas expansion.

Japanese companies and the communication of foreign companies that want to sell products to overseasSuch as interpretation services and commodity contracts support to support it offers as support services the know-how of overseas business.

for buyer.

Items listed on Matchbox is just something that has not been sold abroad so far. Is not a commodity that have already deployed overseas sales trading companies and distributors, and products with sales in Japan, new products, the product that might be hit in the country of the buyer, such as unpublished commodity center. I can be discussed on the site without that such products visit Japan.
Charm of the product can multifaceted verification text, photos, video, etc.. Communication by simply apply for a business meeting if there is favorite items you can start.
Member Registration is Free! Immediately the application now.

Use of flow

¥0 売り手企業(セラー)買い手企業(バイヤー)

STEP1 MatchBoxに会員登録

Enter the beginning the required information the company information and free registration.
Registration cellar, please could buyers either.
The only registration is login When you are finished, allows you to take advantage of the service.

紹 介 交 渉 商品登録サポート

STEP2 商品を登録・閲覧する

Cellar to register the goods, buyers will browse the registered products.
Your buyers, a lot of product information has been published in the Matchbox. Please find the prized possession of goods that are not still known among the Japanese product quality has been highly regarded in the world. Your cellar Let's registered to First goods as are reportedly attracted to such buyers.

STEP3 商 談

If you like commodity buyers Let's immediately apply the negotiation from the product information page.
If you sign up for an opportunity to start communication by e-mail.


STEP4 ビジネス成立

Conducted the inquiry, it is quotient Once conditions and contract matching.
For that you have established business negotiations, cellar buyers both cost at Matchbox does not charge any.

Contacting site

Please feel free to contact us first.From opening way, buying and selling, full-time staff can support up to contract.

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