[Traditional Handicrafts]
Rosewood URUSI lacquer painted

It was fabricated carved from solid wood of valuable rosewood. Cap will be duralumin of cigar rest.

It is lacquered cigar tube of orange. It is painted in a technique called Negoro. The cap has become a cigar stand made of duralumin. Size:135mm×22mm
Wakasa lacquered chopsticks Pair

The gem which feels the history made with craftsman's handwork. After giving a coat of paint about eighty times, piling up and making a thick layer, they're the chopsticks whic...
Bizen ware Vase Pair

Though it's simple, it's floral insertion of Bizen ware with a powerful existence sense.
Gold plating short sword "phoenix"

The sheath which gave gold plating to copper. It's with a sculpture of a Phoenix. A real sword is inside. Men's and ladies' 2 kinds different in the length. Sword carver Mr...
Putting wind bell

Japanese traditional craft. FUURIN~Wind-bell. Fuurin wind-bell is used to spend cool days in hot Japanese summer. It is Japanese traditional custom. Nambu fuurin wind-bell ...
A wind bell Slim Gold

It's also a wind bell of beautiful brass as the interior.
Nanbu ironware All-around pot

Stew Deep fried food Oven dish Rice. Fried bean curd stand (net) attachment.
Nanbu ironware a frying pan

Nanbu ironware Teapot

A teapot with the soft roundish design.
Akita "Bending Wappa" Lunch box

A lunch box of this Bending Wappa gets unnecessary humidity and makes the rice good. The outside is being painted with urithane and it's easy to handle and it's strong.
Japan-mede Tin device Beer tumbler

A tin container makes the liquor good by the electrolyte effect and the ion effect from which impurities is taken away.
Japan-mede Tin device Wine cooler

Wine cooler made from this tin 100%.
Japan-mede Tin device tea urn

The "ideal tea things" which can also be used for which generation. Shelter density is expensive and the tea caddy made elaborately is also most suitable for the preservation w...
Kagawa lacquer ware  Lunch box

A lunch box of Kagawa lacquer ware.
Kyoto Kiyomizu-yaki "Young warrior"

The lovely ornament completed politely to the detail by the excellent modeling power.
Kyoto Kiyomizu-yaki Teapot

1 situation of the Tale of Genji is drawn.
Japan-mede Tin device Teapot

Traditional work in Osaka. A tin has the aptitude which absorbs impurities, and it's said that they purify water mellowly, so you can make good tea from green powder.
Nambu Ironware

2 crane pot of Japanese traditional Nambu ironware.
Edo Kiriko "kamaboko"

The pleasant facetted glass which was made with a hand of the facetted arts and crafts man who mastered politely.