Toothpicks, swabs, pen stand

Table & Desk wear.Toothpicks, swabs, pen stand.

Bamboo is a RECYCLING RESOURCES ! Handmade wooden Pipe / Kiseru “BAMBOO PIPE ” Bamboo is a sustainable resource growth in 3or5 years. Improved bamoo and codified, and th...
Rosewood URUSI lacquer painted

It was fabricated carved from solid wood of valuable rosewood. Cap will be duralumin of cigar rest.

It is lacquered cigar tube of orange. It is painted in a technique called Negoro. The cap has become a cigar stand made of duralumin. Size:135mm×22mm
"HALOS" Shoulder bag with a solar panel

It's possible to charge it anytime and anywhere using the electric power saved by a solar cell.
Key CLip

Relieved made in Japan with the Italian leather.
Palm pet Owl

The Owl made with "a scrubbing brush".
Palm pet Elephant

The elephant made with "a scrubbing brush".
carbon Ruler 15cm

15cm ruler made of real carbon which is solid and doesn't warp.
Bi-Fold Wallet "Nudist"

Bi-Fold Wallet with the NUME leather which makes beautiful skin associate.
Leather pen case

A pen case with the first-class leather material. All 2 colors
Pen case

A triangle pen case with the first-class leather material. All 2 colors
Business casual bag

A leather business bag made in Japan.
Form case

First-class leather material use.
Trunk for cash and important form

Made of the aluminum alloy. A seal tablet and the trunk to which an interior process was applied.
Leather bag

A bag made in Japan with leather of a grain style. All 3 colors.
Fountain pen

The brand name : Platinum A stainless pen of gold plating is adopted as a penpoint and light-weight resin is used for a body. A metallic sense with poshness was expressed.
Perfume dish Pale pink

It's perfume building which designed a pretty cherry tree.
Hempen towel

A rather firm bathing towel of the special weave for which hemp of the natural material was used 100 %.
Karukaya brush

Scrub brush with the nature of the Karukaya of the vegetable fiber which doesn't absorb oil.