Sengoku Great Armor Model - Sanada Yukimura

His armor was intentionally colored bright red so as to stand out on the battlefield. This is surely a sign of his strength. Yukimura is always the most popular warlord among sa...
Grip scissors "Chubee work"

It breaks very well, depends on treatment and is the goods which can associate for life.
A wrapping cloth "Choju Jinbutsu Giga"

It's also most suitable as a wrapping of goods as well as a present.
Leather WALLET

Leather money clip

The compact size which can be stored in the pocket of pants entirely.
Smart long wallet

The material with the poshness which gave an emboss to leather is used. Even if it's put in a pocket of a suit, a breast, it protrudes, smart wallet which doesn't lose shape.
Coin case

The coin purse completed politely using leather made in Japan excellent in quality. When there is little small change, it becomes really thin.
Soft attache case

It's the full open type which opens big, so the baggage can be taken in and out easily.
An attache case The hard type.

It's possible to store A3 size (297 x 420 mm).
Men's business bag Made in Toyooka

The business bag in which a lot of baggage can be stored. It's possible to do B4 size store. A main zipper is with a lock function.
"Toyooka bag" business bag

The self-confident work Toyooka's bag craftsman handled.
Toyooka bag 

Bag made of Toyooka who takes pride in his high quality. Interior is equipped with 2 sub-rooms. It's possible to store B4 size (257 x 364 mm). With a shoulder belt.

“Randoseru” is a traditional backpack used by Japanese elementary school children to carry study materials to school.

“Randoseru” is a traditional backpack used by Japanese elementary school children to carry study materials to school.
Lacquer work Nail clippers

Lacquer work was given to nail clippers made by kai corporation.
Leather Tote bag

Though they're leather goods, it's one of excellent technology as only 340 grams.
Leather Name card case.

A leather card case. It's the size of the correspondence in all except for a business card and in a credit card and an IC card.

It is a garden light suitable to carry around in your lifestyle and it also has enough brightness and function. This is powered by sunlight and saves power to light up at ni...
A handicraft Leather key chain.

A4 leather document case

A document case and a tablet case are a practicable leather case by the wide use.