Wakasa lacquered chopsticks Pair

The gem which feels the history made with craftsman's handwork. After giving a coat of paint about eighty times, piling up and making a thick layer, they're the chopsticks whic...
Kagawa lacquer ware  Lunch box

A lunch box of Kagawa lacquer ware.
Kyoto Kiyomizu-yaki "Young warrior"

The lovely ornament completed politely to the detail by the excellent modeling power.
Kyoto Kiyomizu-yaki Teapot

1 situation of the Tale of Genji is drawn.
Hina Dolls earthenware

Hina Dolls made of pottery with the warmth.
"urushi" Tor cup Pair

A glass of wooden lacquer ware of the lacquer coating.
Hizen Arita ware Sue board frame ”Dragon”

Ichidai Nakamura work. Hizen Arita ware porcelain panel.
fountain pen

A fountain pen made of "black bamboo". A beautiful worldview of the lacquer work which are Japanese traditional arts and crafts is reproduced by modern technology. The color a...
I-Phone5 case - Japanese lacquer -

A cover case for iphone5 of lacquer coating completion excellent in quality.