Imabari bath towel Cat

The silhouette of the cat is a bath towel of a cute Imabari towel.
Face towel Rabbit

A face towel of cotton 100% using towel fabric made in Imabari.
Face towel Goldfish

A face towel of cotton 100% using towel fabric made in Imabari.
Cake towel Monchhichi

The pretty towel cake done in the motif of Monchhichi.
Sterling baby spoon and fork

The celebration which included a heart among baby birth.
Jacquard weave Wool blanket with cashmere.

Blanket made in Osaka Senshu.
wool blanket [Angora fibre]

A blanket using hair of Angola rabbit.
Silk blanket

A first-class silk blanket of the long-established store manufacturer with results which has presented a blanket to Imperial Household.
"Enjiro" With a wooden box Towel set

The towel which has been completed in traditional weaving Satoi Enjiro who spread a towel among Meiji Period and Japan produced.
"Imabari" Bath towel

The high-quality towel which can realize the soft feeling and the water absorption the Imabari towel.

It is a garden light suitable to carry around in your lifestyle and it also has enough brightness and function. This is powered by sunlight and saves power to light up at ni...
Lacquer arts Mouse pad

A mouse pad with the total pattern. 11 kinds are asserted uniformly.
Jacquard bath towel -Made in Imabari-

It's easy to dry and the thin towel I don't occupy is usually most suitable for an envoy. A pile is a jacquard weave with the wave design, and there is also poshness in the sim...