Paulownia wood Rice box 6kg

It's said that a box made of Paulownia wood is best for preservation of rice.
Bicycle rack

A bicycle is stored in the small space tightly.
Mesh office chair

A seat in the back draws a subtle S-curve and is comfortable with a lower back support cushion in the center.
design chair

It's a good chair of the seating comfort by a solid cushion. Gas pressure cylinder ascent and descent system.
Desk with a slide table

90cm width desk with large slide table. It's the glossy and beautiful finish because a heaven board in a desk is mirror surface finishing. I'm strong in a bruise for a polyest...
Section desk In a set of 3 points

Wide section desk, chest and rack. The beautiful black mirror surface specification.
Cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clock
Hat stand

It's a fashionable hat stand by multiple functions.

It's easy to last and it's a washbowl with a slide stop of the soft material. I have the effect which mixes the material on which I have the antibacterial effect and restrains ...
[Humidifier] IKOR la ville 003 Kyoto

Kyoto with the simple monotonous color expressed by a papercraft, well, a life of a shelf is benefited easy. When dryness has put it at the worrisome place, dryness is tempered...
Dining kotatsu A square For 2 people

Living room kotatsu of the high type made in Japan. The shape of the leg is characteristic.
Floor cushion "Zabuton"

A craftsman of skillfulness has completed it carefully one by one.
Kimono chest

The all paulownia chest which did traditional work. 2-3 kimonos can be stored by a step of drawer.

It's warm to the foot destination, the dining kotatsu which can be used at any time of the year around.
Modern Buddhist altar

A Buddhist altar in Shizuoka where it takes pride in its best of Japan Buddhist altar total shipment.
The raised floor system unit Tatami set

4 mats and a half of tatami space can be made. It's store space under the tatami.

A graphic has been given to a one side, and you can use it in art feeling. The other side is Far material agreeable to the touch.
Wall clock "Cluttered Time" 

The design wall clock unique by the dressing up which becomes the accent of your room.
Design umbrella stand

The design umbrella stand unique by the dressing up which becomes the accent of the front door. 10 umbrellas can be hung on the pretty motif which opened both hands.
garbage bag hung

The design dust bag hang unique by the dressing up which becomes the accent of your room. At most 4 garbage bags can be put on 4 of prominence.