Bamboo is a RECYCLING RESOURCES ! Handmade wooden Pipe / Kiseru “BAMBOO PIPE ” Bamboo is a sustainable resource growth in 3or5 years. Improved bamoo and codified, and th...
"HALOS" Shoulder bag with a solar panel

It's possible to charge it anytime and anywhere using the electric power saved by a solar cell.
carbon Ruler 15cm

15cm ruler made of real carbon which is solid and doesn't warp.
Trunk for cash and important form

Made of the aluminum alloy. A seal tablet and the trunk to which an interior process was applied.
Fountain pen

The brand name : Platinum A stainless pen of gold plating is adopted as a penpoint and light-weight resin is used for a body. A metallic sense with poshness was expressed.
Wine bottle Restroom brush

A restroom brush with the stylish design which imagined a wine bottle.
Hand-knitted hand broom

A hand broom with the pretty design with the natural material.
Gamaguchi purse Arabesque

The traditional Japanese design is a striking coin purse. There is a Netsuke hole, so favorite Netsuke and strap can be put.
Men's Gamaguchi purse Wildlife caricature

Gamaguchi purse of men's Japanese style.
Men's purse God of the wind god of the thunder"Fujin Raijin"

Gamaguchi purse of men's Japanese style.
Gamaguchi purse Cherry blossoms

The Cherry blossoms pattern is a showy coin purse. That it shines by the angle, brilliant gloss is important.
AL-MAR Folding knife Mini SERE 2000

VG-10 stainless steel is used for a blade, and it's light-weight in the handle and checker ring processing is adopted as G-10 of the high-strength material.
Gamaguchi purse Camellia

The retrospective camellia pattern is a printed purse pouch. It's strong and excellent in the durability because the sailcloth material is being used.
Grooming kit

The grooming kit which arranges your attire anytime and anywhere. It's convenient at travel and a business trip.
Opener Mr. AKERU


A fashionable pass case.

Compact mirror

An octagonal mirror, from all directions, good luck, it's said that they call.
Paper Made Paper Knife

This knife made of paper matches a hand and increases the luster as well as time so that danger uses for a long time little compared with metal, and is the excellent tool changi...
Sengoku Great Armor Model - Sanada Yukimura

His armor was intentionally colored bright red so as to stand out on the battlefield. This is surely a sign of his strength. Yukimura is always the most popular warlord among sa...