"Shabu-Shabu" pan 26cm

I made poshness last by a gold plating aglet.
Tajine "Jipangu Sakura"

Corresponding to IH. It can't be used with a microwave. While the body could excel heat efficiency, a warmth retaining property and the durability, superficies stainless steel.
Plane for dried bonito

If can shave with the razor blade system, and but becoming bad, it can be exchanged. A box uses preservation from decay and the paulownia material which can have the insect pro...
IH frying pan

The Bejing wok which can be used in IH.
Coffee drip pot 1.2L

Made in Tsubame.
Snack tongs

Without making a mess on a finger, a snack is eaten.
Wooden Cutting board

A luxury native tree is used. It's difficult to slip compared with a plastic cutting board, and I'm also gentle.
Wooden Chest

The gem a tub craftsman has completed politely by a natural cedar of careful selection.
Wooden Sushi tub

The gem a tub craftsman has completed politely by a natural cedar of careful selection.
"Yukihira" pan 16cm

Kutani chinaware Pair shot glass

Edo Kiriko pair glass

Tumbler 6Pcs

The double structure even if cold beer is poured, it's difficult for a drop of water to go out to the surface, and it's also difficult for heat to be transmitted to a hand from ...
Shigaraki ware Deposit pot

The capacity of the silver color scheme which designed a flower at the Japanese heart.
Beer tumbler 5pcs

A bottle of beer from 350mL is the standard size I enter.
hydrogen water bottle

Hydrogen is related to oxygen radical in the body by the smallest element, and this is changed to harmless water. In whatever kind of container hydrogen water is put, hydrogen ...
Cold sake cup "Fuji"

It's seen as the form of Mt. Fuji by inversely putting the capacity of the glass made with making by hand and liquor is enjoyed and it's also possible to enjoy itself as the int...
Water out coffee makers

Not to use heat and to pick out by water, water stock coffee can stop oxidation and pick the bitterness to which coffee is peculiar and the coffee which has no extra astringency...
Hot sandwich manufacturer

A hot sandwich manufacturer made in Japan.
sauce pot

Making by hand by a glazier.