Fashionable and unique design table lamp. All 6 kinds.

The design rack of slippers unique by the dressing up which becomes the accent of the front door.
Cover of sandals

A cover for sandals convenient for rain and a windbreak.
a rake

Durable, made of of good metal. The previous width can be adjusted.
duckboards "Sunoko"

A duckboard made of all hinoki.
Dining table cover Mosquito net

Food is guarded against a bug and dust.
The weather clock "Grandet"

I'll predict the weather after half day within the radius 20km range and inform you 4 lamps by 4 kinds of melody. A clock excellent in quality of a native tree frame.
The weather clock "Super EX"

I'll inform you of the weather after half day within the radius 20km range by a flash of 4 lamps. It's understood by a look by 4 colors of LED lamp. A thermometer and a hygrom...
Trash can "W CUBE"

I cover the body with garbage bags with a cover. A bag can be close, and the appearance is also refreshed with to cover it.
Modern Trash can

When the special lid is removed and a bag is installed in the inside, a bag is fixed by the weight of the lid, and a bag is the design which isn't seen outside.
Wall clock "DOUWA house"

The house they seem to be going out to a children's story at all where is a tapestry clock of a motif. All 3 colors.
coathook curve japanese walnuts model

coathook curve japanese Lime model

coathook curve blackwalnuts model