[MB trading]
Wakasa nuri A Happy New Year chopsticks

Lacquered chopsticks made in Japan and a chopstick rest set.
Pure copper Beer mug 250cc

A craftsman in Tsubame-shi, Niigata made with the utmost care.When a cold drink is poured, cold is long-lasting because the copper is excellent in a thermal conductivities and k...
Business casual bag

A leather business bag made in Japan.
Form case

First-class leather material use.
Trunk for cash and important form

Made of the aluminum alloy. A seal tablet and the trunk to which an interior process was applied.
Leather bag

A bag made in Japan with leather of a grain style. All 3 colors.
Fountain pen

The brand name : Platinum A stainless pen of gold plating is adopted as a penpoint and light-weight resin is used for a body. A metallic sense with poshness was expressed.
Aizu-nuri lacquerware

Violet lacquer work of a pretty floret agrees with the texture of the beautiful grain nicely.
Rice bran oil 500g

100% rice is salad oil of a raw material. The characteristic of the unpleasant odorless purpose ingredients of oil is utilized.
Tofu soap

The soap which blended natural moisturizing formula of tofu origin.
Perfume dish Pale pink

It's perfume building which designed a pretty cherry tree.
Hempen towel

A rather firm bathing towel of the special weave for which hemp of the natural material was used 100 %.
"The princess bath" Bath salt

Karukaya brush

Scrub brush with the nature of the Karukaya of the vegetable fiber which doesn't absorb oil.
"The princess bath" Bath salt

"The princess bath" is bath salt of the thick luxurious skin care type in which an extract of a rose and honey dissolved.
Coconut oil 200g

Japanese filling / Bottle made in Japan 2015 Monde selection" silver award" is won, goods. The coconut oil compressed coldly from fresh coconut. ※ Extra virgin olive oil us...
Imabari towel Face towel

Towel in Imabari where I'm particular about good of the use and proud of the high quality. The simple Imabari color.
Imabari towel Face towel

Towel in Imabari where I'm particular about good of the use and proud of the high quality. Imabari has tradition with history in 120 as a towel producing center.
Hello Kitty ”KOROKORO”Toy

Wooden warmth and the easy sound are a wooden toy of the feature.
Oven plate

An oven plate made in Japan. The design which can be taken out to a dining table just as it is.