It's easy to use.

The internet wasn't understood well, but clearly, I tend to use match box.
You could do carrying of goods of me of a PC beginner smoothly.
The place where you can tell how to use politely by telephone was also good.
I want to spread the net Japanese products developed in-house.

I was confident in the technical capabilities in our, but I was in trouble to expand sales channels there is no confidence in the sales force.
We wanted continue to overseas deployment, where the pipe and the like can be had in trouble without in to find now this site is our products also now receive inquiries from overseas.
We also wanted to When should aggressively overseas expansion in the future.
Attractive products I was surprised a lot.

It is the buyers you are selling Japanese products based in overseas, but had trouble to find a Japanese products. Since this site to find and at once Japan product search and negotiation can be from you has been very useful.
This is it!

This is the web site I wanted.
Good Luck!